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Podcast pleasure: recommended designers to listen too

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A selection of articulate and informative UX and Web experts in design land who are perfect to listen to on your commute to work if you are so inclined.

It’s easy to feel isolated as an in-house designer with only a developer for company.* One small way to feel part of a vibrant community is to listen to articulate and engaging designers talk about what they do on a daily basis.

Those that know me, attest to the fact that I’m obsessed with podcasts. Design podcasts are a huge source of design learning and can be played on a prolonged commute to work. They are also indispensable on long nights caught cradling a sickly child.

Here is a selection of articulate and informative experts in design land who don’t talk platitudes or assume guru-like status. Not a head worn microphone in sight either. 

Andy Budd

andy-budd ux design podcasts

Best known for: Founding Clearleft, a very successful UX design agency.

He is a UX expert and has been blogging from the very beginning. He is also involved in organising large design conferences like dConstruct and UX London.

Listen: Inside Intercom


Ethan Marcotte

ethan-marcotte ux design podcasts

Best known for: Coining the term ‘Responsive Design’ among other things.

He is passionate about elegant design and has worked for New York Magazine, Sundance Film Festival and The Boston Globe. He even has his own podcast called Responsive Web Design with another on the list, Karen McGrane. 

Listen: Shop Talk Show


Ashley Karr

ashley-karr ux design podcasts

Best known for: Teaching at General

Ashley is an academically trained human factors engineer and works as a UX Lead for Smartsheet. She has some extremely interesting stories to tell about what she does.

Listen: UX Defenders


Aarron Walter  

aaron-walter ux design podcasts

Best known for: His sterling work building an innovative UX team at MailChimp.

What can you say – he’s a legend at this stage. Aarron is VP of Design Education at InVision, a brilliant wireframing tool.

Listen: The Big Web Show


Denise Jacobs 

denise jacobs ux design podcasts

Best known for: Her brilliant and inspiring talks on TEDx and many other conferences.

She is a Creativity Evangelist and teaches techniques to make the creative process more fluid and methods for sparking innovation. Her passion is infectious.

ListenUX Podcast


Karen McGrane

karen-mcgrane ux design podcasts

Best known for: Her work on The New York Times and Condé Nast sites.

Karen is a UX and Content Strategy expert, author for List Apart and managing partner at Bond Art + Science.

Listen: The Big Web Show


Paul Boag 

paul-boag ux design podcasts

Best known for: Maintaining the longest running (since 2005) and arguably the best design podcast available.

He has interviewed the majority of experts on this list. He’s a true UX evangelist and is the co-founder of the web design agency Headscape

ListenUX Podcast


Jason Santa Maria

jason-santa-maria ux design podcasts

Best known for: Showing designers how web typography should be done.

He is the founder of Mighty, a Brooklyn design studio and creative director at Typekit.

Listen: The Big Web Show


Joshua Porter

joshua-porter ux design podcasts

Best known for: Co-creating 52 Weeks of UX

Joshua is Director of UX at HubSpot and all round nice guy.

Listen: The UX Intern

Whitney Hess

whitney-hess ux design podcasts

Best known for: Creating an innovative card search tool for American Express, and is named as a co-inventor on its U.S. patent. Nice.

Whitney is an Empathy Coach helping leaders ‘make better decisions by connecting with the deepest needs of the people they serve’. She also runs her own podcast with Paul McAleer called Designing Yourself.

Listen: UX Podcast

Jon Hicks

jon-hicks- ux design podcasts

Best known for: Designing the Firefox, MailChimp and Shopify logos!

He’s an UI, logo and icon designer par excellence. He has worked with Opera Software on and off for several years and still maintains his own freelance design business, Hicksdesign. He’s known by his trademark pipe.

Listen: Boagworld


Val Head

val-head ux design podcasts

Best known for: Curating the amazing UI Animation Newsletter.

She is a Designer and Interface Animation Consultant and aims to create great user experience through the intelligent use of subtle animation.

Listen: Big Web Show


Peter Merholz

peter-merholz ux design podcasts

Best known for: Coining the term ‘blog’. 

He is the co-founder of design agency Adaptive Path and is Senior Director of Design at Jawbone. And yes, he coined the term ‘blog’.

Listen: Inside Intercom


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* An irresistibly cheap gag. I’ve worked with many talented and personable devs over the years.

    • I hadn’t come across any, but then just last month I heard Denise Jacobs talking about creativity on the UX Podcast and she was great. I’ll add her to my the list. There is definitely a huge imbalance though.

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