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My favourite user experience of 2015

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MailChimp have really come up with something great here. A great user experience in a small package. Drum roll please.

And the User Experience Award of 2015 goes to…

MailChimp Snap

Snap lets you send mini email newsletters on your phone. Simple concept.

As I find myself regularly emailing links to blog posts and my work, I would prefer them not to disappear down the orifice of someone’s email client. It’s good to be able to send more attractive and eye catching emails from the comfort of the couch or on the go. This is why I love Snap.

I came across it by chance on the App Store, and being a satisfied MailChimp user, I was intrigued that they had another offering. It’s the smallest app imaginable in terms of both functionality and footprint. 

I could have chosen something more substantial, sustainable and world changing, but I just had a lot of fun using Snap. 

How it works

To get started, you need a free or paid MailChimp account with a subscriber list already setup. 

great-user-experience 1

When it’s opened, you are presented with a delightful intro screen. It’s clear what actions to take next. So we upload an image from our photostream.

great-user-experience 2

Simple and effective onboarding. Nice focusing.  

great-user-experience 3

Fill in the details in the short form. Inputs are easy to fill and labelling is clear.  

great-user-experience 4

If the link is wrong, Snap gives a helpful error message. It’s the small details.  

great-user-experience 5

Press next, and you are presented with three basic email templates. Not a huge difference between them, but I like the minimalism. The cover image really takes centre stage here.  


Add your subscriber list, which was set up in MailChimp.

great-user-experience 6

The final step is to press send, and that’s it.

Why it’s a winner

It does one thing really well. It’s fast and there is no learning curve.

They have made something that could be time consuming and frustrating very easy. Also, it’s something I wouldn’t have imagined using, but through pure UX, I now use it frequently. 

It looks beautiful too and makes a great first impression. It has a striking intro page, with a vivid colour scheme and imagery. Since it’s such a simple proposition, aesthetics are important here.

Well done MailChimp. Snap is a wonderful user experience in a tiny package.

Visit MailChimp Snap.       


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